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Ohio judge reasserts rights of Amish parents who refuse chemo for their daughter

Posted: September 5, 2013 |   Comments

( An Ohio judge has ruled in favor of the parents of a 10-year-old Amish girl with leukemia who are refusing to continue her chemotherapy.

After little Sarah Hershberger was diagnosed with leukemia, her parents agreed to start chemotherapy treatment at Akron Children's Hospital. Following a month of chemotherapy, her tumors saw reduction in size. But the pain was too much, and she begged her parents to cease treatments.

After much prayer, her parents accepted her decision and have since turned to God and natural medicine. The hospital was greatly displeased by this and challenged the Hershberger's parental rights in courts, attempting to assign a hospital employee as Sarah's legal guardian and force her to continue chemotherapy.

Judge John Lohn initially blocked the hospital's attempts, but an appeals court asked him to reconsider, after which, he reaffirmed his original decision. Now, Sarah's parents can be a little bit happier knowing that their rights to protect their daughter in their own way are no longer being usurped.

"They are good parents," Lohn said. "They understand completely the grave situation their daughter is in and the consequences of their choice to refuse chemotherapy for Sarah at this time."

Sarah's parents have taken great care with their daughter's health. They have consulted with a wellness center and have begun to treat her with natural medicine in addition to seeing another doctor to monitor her progress. Sarah's father said that they have not ruled out returning to Akron Children's Hospital if Sarah's health worsens.

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