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Dallas' aerial pesticide assault on West Nile purposely avoids Bush residence

Posted: August 22, 2012 |   Comments

(CBS/AP) DALLAS -- Dallas County launched an aerial assault on the mosquito population for the first time in 45 years Thursday as part of an emergency measure to stem the nation's worst outbreak of West Nile virus, which has killed 10 people and sickened at least 230 others.

Two twin engine planes began targeting 49,000 acres in Dallas County late Thursday night, flying at an altitude of 300 feet, according to CBS station KTVT-TV. At least a dozen cities in the county will be part of the aerial spraying program, reports CBS News correspondent Manual Bojorquez.

Although commonplace in other major cities, the efforts have provoked a debate in the Dallas area between health officials trying to reduce the risk of disease and people concerned about insecticidal mist drifting down from above.

"I cannot have any more deaths on my conscience because we did not take action," Mayor Mike Rawlings said.

The home of former President George W. Bush is an area that was scheduled to be sprayed, but it is one of several places pilots were told to avoid, it, according to KTVT.

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