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Brazilian AIDS vaccine set to undergo testing on monkeys this year

Posted: August 6, 2013 |   Comments

( Scientists in Brazil have recently developed an AIDS vaccine. The vaccine was designed to treat patients already infected HIV, hopefully preventing the infection from developing into AIDS.

Vaccine testing will begin later this year. Initial trials will use rhesus monkeys, who have a similar immune system to humans. Furthermore, HIV is a genetic mutation of SIV, the Simian Immuno Virus, carried by monkeys.

Vaccines in use today don't prevent or treat infections, but subscribers to allopathic medicine use them to increase antibodies, which can make people less susceptible to developing certain diseases. Brazil's AIDS vaccine however, operates on a different principle. It is supposed to suspend HIV infection at an early stage, and though HIV would stay in the patient's system, it would not be able to develop into AIDS or be passed on to others.

The monkey trials are expected to last two years, after which, testing may begin on humans.

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