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Agrilicious plans to strengthen family-farmer connection, increase access to local foods

Posted: May 1, 2014 |   Comments

( Agrilicious, a new technology platform whose mission is to expand the family-farmer connection while celebrating the resultant benefits to health and nutrition, has recently been launched.

"Agrilicious is a Social Purpose Corporation," wrote Duane Dahl, co-founder of the project. "Our mission is to promote the positive short and long-term benefits of local and organically grown foods, along with the benefits of family farming and sustainable agriculture. We'll track down the experts to provide the latest and best information in and around the food movement, while putting you in a position to make sound choices based on transparency and facts."

"Families, farmers, restaurants, produce delivery and meal kit services, distributers, educators and food industry advocates and experts all come together through Agrilicious - to share ideas, connect, and make a difference," the website states.

You can benefit from Agrilicious by:

  • Finding more local choices through their directory of locally sourced food;
  • Gaining new insights from the expert and community perspectives shared only at Agrilicious; and
  • Experiencing the impact your choices can make with Agrilicious as your resource.

Agirlicious is now up and running. "This is only the beginning," Dahl wrote. "If you think we're on the right track, please tell your friends, co-workers, and family." He ends his post by asking any who can help in any way to follow them on Twitter, reach out to him and get involved in this developing movement.

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