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Indigenous Medicine still hold great value in 2012 and beyond!

Posted: November 21, 2012 |   Comments

A core principle of what we call Health Medicine is a patient's right to freedom of choice and their right to know. Whom are we kidding when, because of monopolistic medical practices, patients are not informed of all the treatments known from evidence to benefit their condition - especially alternative-medicine and natural healing treatments? What's the point of extending insurance to all Americans if they're blocked from making choices outside today's allopathic "sick-care" paradigm?

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The entire population of this planet has survived over millennia through the use of traditional and indigenous medical remedies - and 80 percent of the world's people still do. These practitioners learned from generations of practical experience about how to treat whole persons. They developed natural treatments in the context of cosmological worldviews worked out over centuries by the leading minds of their races or nations.

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