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"Water fluoridation should end immediately," previously surpressed government report states

Posted: September 30, 2013 |   Comments

( The "Joint Irish Houses of Parliament Draft report on Water Fluoridation in Ireland" was written in 2007 for the Department for Health and Children, but pro-fluoride activists have vehemently suppressed the document until it was published online this month.

The report warns of the harmful effects that water fluoridation has on the population and states that any supposed benefits to dental hygiene are minimal.

The Report states "The Department of Health's assessment of the overwhelming benefits of water fluoridation is not justified... We believe on the basis of the international studies there would be no long-term increase in dental decay if fluoride were not added to Irish drinking water" and "We note that dental health has improved to the same degree in countries where there is no water fluoridation."

The report continues, stating that the positive aspects of fluoridation have been over-stated, growing negative impact has not been properly recognized and no general health studies have ever been carried out. This is truly alarming, considering that four in ten 15-year-olds now suffer from fluorosis.

The fact that this report has been suppressed for the last six years shows that fluoridation supporters are desperately hanging on to an outdated practice with no scientific evidence to back up its effectiveness. The report says, "The practice of water fluoridation should end immediately. All of the available evidence suggests that not only will this lead to a marked reduction in fluorosis but that there would not be a significant rise in dental caries."

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