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FDA: Manufacturers do not need to prove safety of nano-tech food

Posted: May 8, 2012 |   Comments

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned manufacturers of food and cosmetics that while they do not need to prove their products are safe before bringing them to market, they are still legally responsible for the products they manufacture.

It said nanotechnology, which allows the manipulation of materials on a sub-microscopic scale that has to be measured in nanometers, was still an emerging science.

In two draft guidance documents for the food and cosmetics industries, the agency said that such technology has a broad range of potential applications in the packaging of food or in altering the way that cosmetics look and feel.

Aimed at food manufacturers using nanomaterials in food ingredients, particularly colour additives, and at cosmetics makers who use them to add shine and texture, the guidelines warn that any changes in manufacturing processes should be thoroughly investigated for potential health and safety implications before bringing products to market.

Such significant changes may affect the identity of food substances, affect their safety, or their regulatory status, or warrant a regulatory submission to the FDA, the guidelines warn.

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