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Coke executive answers questions about sugary drinks: "We believe in hydration"

Posted: June 22, 2012 |   Comments

Read this ridiculous interviewwith a Coke executive for a good laugh -- Coke products being hydrating? Might as well hydrate your body by drinking kerosine.

Until now, beverage giant Coca-Cola hasn't put a face to its staunch opposition to last week's proposal by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to limit to 16 ounces the size of sugary drinks sold at New York restaurants, movie theaters and street carts. But in an exclusive interview, Katie Bayne, Coca-Cola's 45-year-old president of sparkling beverages in North America, explains to USA TODAY marketing reporter Bruce Horovitz where she differs with Bloomberg and discusses which beverages she permits her young sons to drink.

Q: Is there any merit to limits being placed on the size of sugary drinks folks can buy?

A: Sugary drinks can be a part of any diet as long as your calories in balance with the calories out. Our responsibility is to provide drink in all the sizes that consumers might need.

Read the full interview here:

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