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Missionary jailed on Independence Day in US after preaching in 13 other closed countries with no problems

Posted: July 6, 2012 |   Comments

Jessie Boyd has preached over the last ten months in Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, and China - countries in which such preaching is illegal - only to return to the USA and be arrested in the Bible belt on the very night that we celebrate our freedom. Wake up America.

Jesse Boyd of Full Proof Gospel Ministries told Christian News Network that he had just returned to his home state from a 13-month missions trip two weeks prior, where he had been preaching in Johannesburg, South Africa; Kathmandu, Nepal; Dhaka, Bangladesh and 15 other countries worldwide. Boyd preached in the open air, witnessed one-on-one, and distributed approximately 150,000 pieces of Gospel literature during his mission, which he states is one of many evangelistic trips that he has conducted over the past decade.

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