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Biotech industry slips pro-GMO propaganda into children's school textbooks

Posted: September 13, 2013 |   Comments

( The biotech industry is now directly targeting America's schoolchildren with their propaganda. In the past, Monsanto and other GMO giants tried to indoctrinate elementary-aged youths with a biotechnology-themed coloring book; this time though, the industry's shameless promotions have come in an 8th grade textbook printed by the Evan-Moor Corporation.

On page 20, the textbook contains a writing exercise entitled "The Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods," which makes claims like GM plants being more pest resistant and reducing pesticide application while ironically failing to mention ANY possible cons.

This is obviously an attempt by the biotech industry, which has already invested millions of dollars in Oregon to try to keep people from even knowing that they are eating GMOs, to misinform children across the nation and make it easier to control and manipulate them as adults. The corporations are getting desperate and decided to take a lesson from the government: whoever controls education controls what is recognized as the truth. If nothing is done to stop this disturbing campaign to brainwash America's youth, they will surely succeed.

You can contact Evan-Moor here to let them know how you feel about their promotion of GMOs and request that they reconsider similar publications in the future. Also, here is their Facebook page, which may yield a more prompt response.

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