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Protestors rally in Salem, Orgeon, against GMO anti-ban legislation

Posted: September 30, 2013 |   Comments

( A rally is planned today, Monday, September 30, from 10 am to noon at the Capitol Building in Salem, Oregon, to protest Senate Bill 633, which, if passed, would prohibit communities from passing local laws relating to agricultural seeds, including those of genetically engineered crops.

The bill is being considered in special legislative session called by Governor John Kitzhaber. The governor says that the purpose of the law is to decide if the state should have one agricultural policy or if each county should be able to make its own.

Several Oregon counties already ban or are trying to ban GMO crops, the passage of this law would nullify those bans and effectively destroy peoples' rights to govern themselves and regulate genetically modified seeds through local government.

One protestor had this to say about the Senate Bill:

"Have no doubt. GMO's are a clear and present economic danger to Oregon as a culture. The people have a right to be heard and this body has a duty to listen. Kill 633."

Community rights groups in Benton and Lane counties are in the process of forwarding ballot initiatives that would ban GMOs in their counties. Efforts to pass similar measures are also under way in Jackson, Josephine, Lincoln, Marion and Multnomah counties.

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