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Bill Maher lambasts liberal 'political corectness Nazis'

Posted: April 28, 2014 |   Comments

Famed liberal comedian Bill Maher lambasted "political corectness Nazis" on his HBO program Friday night.

"When Gwyneth Paltrow said her divorce was a 'conscience uncoupling,' even I wanted to jump in the truck, crank up the Lynyrd Skynyrd and shoot up a farmer's market," Maher joked.

"I also for example think it's ridiculous that Facebook has now decided that we have to choose, in our profile, from 56 different genders, including transgender, cisgender and, of course, brucegender," the comedian added.

"You know, I once almost ate at Chick-fil-A. Just because so many people were telling me I shouldn't eat at Chick-fil-A," he said. "But then I remembered -- it's Chick-fil-A."

Maher ended his monologue complaining about atheists who sue to have public displays of Christianity removed.

"Even atheists make me roll my eyes sometimes," Maher said. "Like when they sued to have a cross taken down from a building. Oh for f***s sake, we are atheists not vampires. If you can't handle seeing a cross now and then, you picked the wrong country."

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