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Is Vampire Therapy the cure for aging?

Posted: May 5, 2014 |   Comments

New scientific evidence espousing what has been called "Vampire Therapy" shows that the secret to immortality could be found in youthful blood.

Health Ranger Mike Adams joins Next News Network's Gary Franchi in an interview about the startling new therapy, and he makes an eery prediction.

"Vampire Therapy is the new craze about injecting young blood into an older person," Franchi said before introducing Mike Adams.

"[S]tudies involving mice show that, if you take the blood of young mice and inject it into aging mice that suffer from various diseases, those diseases tend to be reversed, because of what's in the blood," Adams explained.

He went on to say that it's surprising that this evidence hadn't come out sooner, considering that a person is essentially made up of their blood, with all their nutrients, hormones and other compounds, and since aging is a biological phenomenon with a built-in clock in the human body, it would only make sense that young blood would reverse the effects of aging.

"But there's a spooky factor in all of this, of course," Mike continued. "[W]hat if wealthy people started paying for or kidnapping young people to take their blood to put it into their own bodies as an anti-aging protocol?" There is a rumor, which may or may not be true, that Kim Jong-Il actually did this while he was in power, and it's possible that other wealthy or powerful people would seek to do the same thing.

Myths, although embellished, are usually rooted in history, and there are plenty of myths regarding the wealthy or powerful taking the blood of children for their own youth. And though these myths might not be true, they show that there "has been some recognition of the inherent vitality of young blood throughout the history of Western civilization.

The scientific study identified a protein, GDF11, that could play a part in young blood's anti-aging effect; however, exercise-related hormones, vitamin D (which is generally higher in young people) and various other factors regarding the blood of young people could also contribute to anti-aging effects.

Toward the end of the video, Adams made this shocking prediction:

"[Young, healthy people] will be able to sell their blood to rich, wealthy, older people who are suffering from disease, who will buy that blood as a lifesaving medicine. So young blood can actually be medicine. It can have anti-cancer properties. It can have anti-Alzheimer's properties. It can literally transform your body and your health, and I think we'll see a marketplace opening up for people to buy and sell blood. Very bizarre, but it can happen."

To learn more about the vitality of young blood, and the frightening implications it could have regarding a blood marketplace, watch the video above and be sure to keep reading Natural News!

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