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Why hasn't Walmart rejected Monsanto's GE sweet corn?

Posted: August 8, 2012 |   Comments

***UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune reported on August 4, 2012, that Walmart will be selling GE sweet corn in the very near future. Walmart can no longer hide behind its PR doublespeak. Now, more than ever, we must send a strong message that we refuse to buy Walmart's unlabeled, untested and potentially unsafe GE sweet corn!

Why is Walmart hiding behind its misleading, greenwashed corporate PR?

Food & Water Watch and our allies have collected over 460,000 petition signatures asking Walmart not to carry Monsanto's new genetically engineered sweet corn, which could be planted this spring. Instead of doing the right thing and rejecting this unlabeled, untested and potentially unsafe produce, Walmart has issued misleading PR statements that are nothing but corporate doublespeak. Without a firm public statement of rejection, Walmart's assertions that it "cares about consumers" are utterly meaningless.

Read the full news release here:

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