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GM soy linked to health damage in pigs

Posted: May 4, 2012 |   Comments

Retired scientist and GM-Free Cymru activist Brian John last week posted an English language account of a story that has set everyone talking in Denmark. It describes the simple way that one Danish pig farmer has been able to raise healthier animals: about a year ago, he stopped feeding his pigs GM soya.

Ib Borup Pedersen is representative of his sector, with a breeding herd of 450 sows, raising nearly 30 piglets per sow. This is an increase of almost two piglets per sow against the time when he was still feeding GM soy to his animals.

However, Pedersen is far from ordinary, since he has had the courage to talk about his findings openly, appearing in the Danish farming paper Effektivt Landbrug on April 13. The paper's extensive coverage and editorial comment has set off a lively debate within Denmark, all the more heated after interested enquiries from foreigners.

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