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CEO of USADA has received death threats over course of Lance Armstrong doping investigation

Posted: September 25, 2012 |   Comments

United States Anti-Doping Agency chief executive officer Travis Tygart told the French publication L'Equipe that he received three death threats as he was conducting the Lance Armstrong doping investigation and that the threats are being investigated by the FBI.

"In America the public opinion is torn in two," Tygart said during an interview at USADA's Colorado Springs offices with the French sports magazine. "Some don't like me, others respect that I have no other choice than follow the procedures in Armstrong's case, just like for any other citizen. We either bury this case or we do our job. I love this job and I know why I do it."

Armstrong announced last month that he would no longer fight USADA's allegations that he took performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France from 1999-2005. USADA stripped Armstrong of his Tour titles and banned him for life. Armstrong has feverishly denied using performance-enhancing drugs and has claimed USADA - and Tygart - have a vendetta against him.

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