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Be prepared for water poisoning, learn to thrive with Surthrival

Posted: November 15, 2012 |   Comments

Are you ready to tackle the water crisis that awaits you in the year 2013? What exactly have you planned? And, do you think they are enough to ensure a safe water supply for you and your family? Nothing you do (without scientific knowledge) will ever be enough, unless you have come across the brilliant theory proposed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger for Natural News and learned how to Surthrive!

Understand and be saved:

Take the help of expert views and opinions given by him and go through the incredible research that has been done, revealing facts that have never been explored in this matter. Did you know that fatty acids are equally essential for the body and deficiency of such nutrients in the body can lead to improper body growth and development? And did you know that chia seeds are food products that can help you in accumulating enough fatty acids for your body?

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