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EPA issues warning over cancer-causing chemicals in Sauk Village water

Posted: July 19, 2012 |   Comments

The level of a cancer-causing chemical in Sauk Village's water supply has risen to a point that residents, by state law, must be notified about the increase.

But the Illinois Department of Public Health said Tuesday the level still is below the federal limit, and the water is "safe to drink."

A crowd of about 250 turned out Tuesday night at a village board committee meeting, seeking answers and demanding that village officials take action to improve the quality of the drinking water. After meeting in closed session for about an hour with village trustees, Mayor Lewis Towers faced hostile questioning as he tried to reassure residents that the water is safe to drink.

Some residents broke into tears, while most attacked the village for allowing the chemical in the drinking water to reach a level to cause concern. One woman was escorted out of the meeting by village and Cook County police screaming, "Don't drink the water." All wanted to know whether it was safe to drink the water and how the village planned to correct the problem.

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