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GMO Giant Finally Found Guilty!- French Court Rules Against Monsanto in groundbreaking, chemical poisoning case

Posted: November 17, 2012 |   Comments

Ya' know, when you are found guilty of a crime in a court of law, it's usually not your first offense of that kind, it's just the first time you got caught!
French court rules against Monsanto in a groundbreaking, chemical poisoning case:

Monsanto Guilty! And this time it's not a public verdict, it's a legal verdict! Is this possible? Well, you can see for yourself.
And the winner is an ordinary French farmer who suffered the consequences of inhaling "Lasso"Pesticide. A small win but it isn't bad for a start because getting a pharma giant like Monsanto to answer for their wrongs can be a pretty herculean task for the naive farmers.

Looking into the details of the case, the farmer who moved
against Monsanto for LIFELONG neurological damage caused after inhaling the
pesticide Lasso was able to prove the adverse effects it had on him after
continuously being exposed to the pesticide for a certain period of time. He inhaled the active ingredient alachlor present in the pesticide way back in 2004 and started experiencing side effects which slowly manifested themselves in the form of persistent memory loss, headaches and stuttering.

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