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Dr. Suzanne Humphries talks about the dangers and deception of the vaccine industry

Posted: March 21, 2014 |   Comments

Suzanne Humphries, M.D., a nephrologist who has spent the past three years extensively studying vaccines, and she has come to the conclusion that vaccines "have never been safe."

"Never has there been a safe vaccine," Humphries said in a video interview with Gary Null's Progressive Radio Network. "Never will there be a safe vaccine, and it is not possible to have a safe vaccine."

"The reasoning for that is that the actual process of vaccination defies the natural function of the immune system of living beings," she continues. "It thwarts the immune system into a balance that's very unnatural and that leaves it susceptible to more things than just what you may be vaccinated, supposedly, for. Putting a disease matter into a body and thinking that the manner in which it's going in -- i.e., usually through a muscle through the skin using a very unnatural thing, a needle, combined with all the chemicals and antibiotics and things that the manufacturing companies may not even know about at the time that they're being injected, into a muscle -- there's no possible way that that could be safe."

"Now, when you're bypassing the normal immune system by putting this disease matter into a muscle, you are stimulating yet another abnormal response at the site of the injection, pulling of all sorts of metals and things that call in the immune cells in this very unnatural way." And all of this is just to produce an antibody, one small factor in the cascade of natural immunity whose elegance escapes vaccine manufacturers.

One of the main arguments used by the vaccine industry, Humphries says, is "that we're just too stupid to notice how miraculous" vaccines are, despite the fact that they maim and kill people, so they should enforce public vaccination in order to "protect everybody." If vaccines saved lives, people would be lining up out of town to get them, but that has never been the case.

"History books really show that the people that were vaccinated were among the sickest, that many children were dying after smallpox vaccinations, that they were developing terrible ulcerations," stated Humphries. "Beautiful, perfect babies, you know, forced into smallpox vaccines, either dying or developing terrible, terrible diseases, and the diseases are often said, 'Oh, that would have happened anyway,' but parents who watch this happen time and again know otherwise."

Watch the entire video, above or at, to learn more about the dangers of vaccines and the lies told by the vaccine industry to promote their use.

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