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Study finds vaccine compliance low among nurses

Posted: May 8, 2012 |   Comments

An increasing number of medical professionals are refusing to receive vaccinations, raising red flags among populations that are subjected to government pressure to receive them. In this new report, researchers examine the low rates of compliance among Israeli nurses and found that their trust in health authorities was low following the unwarranted hysteriasurrounding the H1N1 influenza pandemic. As a result, the nurses who were questioned did not see the importance of being role models for the public and demanded the autonomy to decide whether to receive vaccinations, differentiating between their professional role and their personal lives.

With the improvements inhygiene, nutrition, sewage and water treatment, infectious disease became statistically irrelevent during the 20th century while adverse reactions and diseases like autism have skyrocketed within countries that vaccinate. Until vaccine manufacturers and government agencies produce studies that prove thatvaccines are worth the risk, it appears that the nurses' skepticism is warranted.

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