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Proposed Kansas House Bill would require cities to notify consumers of dangers associated with water fluoridation

Posted: February 20, 2014 |   Comments

( The Kansas Health and Human Services congressional committee held a hearing on Wednesday for House Bill 2372, which, if passed, would require all municipalities in the state that fluoridate their water to warn consumers "that the latest science confirms that ingested fluoride lowers the I.Q. in children."

Fluoride has been linked to weakened bones and bone cancer, and a recent Harvard study shows that it can lower IQ by as much as seven points. "As an initial point, infants do not need to receive fluoride," said Michael Connett, a lawyer who led bill proponents by discussing the dangers of adding the chemical to drinking water. What he says is absolutely true and contradicts illogical recommendations put out by the American Dental Association in which they suggest that fluoride should be used in toddlers as young as six months, who still do not even have permanent teeth and are the most susceptible to the toxic effects of chemicals.

Since no conclusive fluoride testing has been done in the United States, committee members relied on questioning the bill's proponents to get relevant information. "I hope you understand our concern about creating a bill or creating a requirement based off inconclusive science, but we've also made laws based off of inconclusive science," Rep. John Wilson, D-Lawrence, said.

One opponent of the bill, Dr. John Neuberger, a professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, outright dismissed the Harvard study, saying it was inconclusive.

"The session closed without a vote from the committee," Hays Post reported.

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