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Monsanto Destroying Environment While On Nature Conservancy Leadership Council

Posted: June 28, 2012 |   Comments

Oh me oh my. Ironic? Oxymoronic? A bad idea? Not even really sure how to describe this relationship between one of the world's largest environmental groups, The Nature Conservancy, and Monsanto, the leading GMO and biotech company.

Monsanto sits on the Leadership Council for The Nature Conservancy and has been giving them millions of dollars a year in donations. Seem like a strange company to give a seat on the council to? I think so too. But they aren't alone, as the board also consists of other environmental do-gooders like BP, Cargill, Coca Cola, Dow Chemical, and Pepsi, all belonging to the board under the guise of "improving business practices and raising awareness for conservation issues." It's all becoming a little clearer now, isn't it?

By donating millions to TNC, how much good PR is Monsanto getting in return?

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