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What you can learn by reading Natural News

Posted: April 16, 2014 |   Comments

( Natural News has covered a lot of health and freedom information over this past winter. Frequent readers of Natural News have learned:

  • that most prepared food bars have salads chalk full of canola oil, and that even organic canola oil isn't good for you
  • about heavy metal toxins in cereals and certain health shakes like protein shakes
  • that organic foods from China might as well be from the sewers of New York City, with all the industrial waste and chemical pollution that invades those foods and products in general
  • about how nearly all edible oils create disease and disorder in the body, except for coconut oil and organic olive oil
  • that Monsanto will do anything to have total immunity from lawsuits that arise from their pesticide food they feed the masses
  • that Monsanto has grown because Obama puts their leaders in charge of the FDA, USDA, CDC and more

This spring, we also covered the standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada between private citizens and federal agents armed with assault rifles, sniper rifles, helicopters, attack dogs and Tasers, which they used to assault innocent bystanders. The feds even set up a "First Amendment area" -- three miles from the protest site -- to restrict citizens from exercising free speech, though it was ignored anyway. The Mainstream Media failed to cover this story, obscuring facts or ignoring it altogether. But thanks to legally armed concerned citizens, alternative media and social media, news got out about the situation, and the government ended up backing off.

Natural News has covered all this and more, serving to disseminate information about health, organic agriculture and liberty to America and the world. Thousands of articles, scientific studies and more on these topics are available to anyone seeking to educate themself on natural health and news.

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