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People face trying times after Sandy hits U.S.

Posted: November 14, 2012 |   Comments

Natural News Global Reports: An Avoidable Aftermath of Incompetence:
The news was in the air for quite some time. Meteorologists had been warning of its arrival for a long time. But superstorm Sandy seems to have caught the U.S. off guard.

The government that had claimed impeccable preparedness prior to the
storm has not yet been able to resume services for its citizens. As each day
passes, the people in the affected region are becoming more and more desperate
for survival and a probability of civil unrest is looming large.
As Mike Adams from Natural News reports the horrors that come with the
aftermath of the storm, it is becoming clear that people on the eastern
seaboard of the United States are experiencing an unprecedented calamity.
Though the storm has passed, it has left scars on the land as well as people's mind that will take years to heal, if at all. The dwindling or lack of supply of essential materials such as gasoline, power, food and water is making the lives of thousands of people miserable. Some are even resorting to violence in order to get access to provisions. The mass panic and desperation is gradually leading to a complete breakdown of law and order in the situation.

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