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Telecommunications still widely hindered in Sandy's wake

Posted: November 2, 2012 |   Comments

NEW YORK - Cell towers knocked out by Superstorm Sandy were slowly coming back to life Wednesday, federal regulators said, but about 1 in 5 were still out of service in a storm-hit area stretching from Virginia to Massachusetts.

That compares with 1 in 4 cell towers that were out of service Tuesday, the day after the storm made landfall.

David Turetsky, head of public safety and homeland security at the Federal Communications Commission, said the situation has improved more rapidly for cable customers. On Tuesday, about 25 percent of them lacked TV and possibly Internet and phone service, too, but that has declined to "well under" 20 percent. He doesn't have a good count of how landline phone service holding up, but anecdotal reports suggested it was available in more areas than cellphone service.

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