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Human waste in NY drinking water and power bills for no power!

Posted: November 28, 2012 |   Comments

Forget about the "fiscal cliff," people are suffering in NY and New Jersey. Why does the U.S. Government wait until after predictable disasters occur to begin the process of protecting people from death and disease? Although Hurricane Sandy was not preventable, much of the suffering could have been quelled and ended in a responsible manner, instead the water supply is polluted, more than it used to be, homeowners are homeless, and worst of all, the power companies are charging everyone for a month of power they never provided, then saying they'll compensate a little bit each month from now on to ease up on people's pockets! What??? So kick them while they're down and give them a box of band-aids later? This is insanity!

Hurricane Sandy may have already passed through New York and New Jersey, but its aftermath is still a very present reality in New YorkHarbor, where an unimpeded flow of human waste continues to flood this busy, urban waterway. Recent reports indicate that the nation's fifth largest water treatment plant in Newark is still dumping some 240 million gallons of partially treated wastewater into the harbor every single day, which continues to create a very serious health hazard throughout the region.

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