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How Big Food Bought The Election

Posted: November 20, 2012 |   Comments

While most of the nation focused on the presidential election, another smaller - and perhaps the most dirty - fight was being waged in California. A proposed law that could have led to massive shifts in America's food system failed on Tuesday, when a ballot measure that would have required genetically modified foods, or GMOs, to be labeled failed to gain enough support in California to pass.

The measure, known as Proposition 37, would have been the first state law to require the labeling of GMOs, ingredients derived from corn, soy, and canola plants that have been genetically altered to resist high doses of potentially toxic pesticides (Confused about GMOs? We break it down for you in Foods As Nature Made Them.). Because of the size of California, the impact of the labeling law would undoubtedly have been felt nationally.

Despite widespread support for the measure earlier in the year, when over 60% of Californians said they were in favor of labeling, the measure ultimately failed by a vote of 53% to 47%.

So what happened?

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