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Chileans protest en masse against law that would give Monsanto seed patent rights

Posted: August 20, 2013 |   Comments

( Thousands of Chileans rallied in over 10 cities Saturday to protest what is being called the "Monsanto Law." The Monsanto Law, formally known as the Plant Breeders Act, which is currently making its way through Chile's parliament, would give corporations like Monsanto the right to patent seeds.

Activists are concerned that this law would compromise food sovereignty, harm consumer health, and threaten farmers with fines for violating corporate seed patents.

"This law puts seeds into the hands of a few transnational companies," said Ivan Santandreu, a member of Chile Sin Transgenicos (Chile without GMOs) on Radio Universidad de Chile. "This measure does not contribute to the innovation and wellbeing of independent farmers at all. What it does is put food sovereignty at risk by making it dependent on big corporations."

Lately, Monsanto has become a growing target of protests around the world over their business practices and the safety of their genetically modified products. Activists protesting in Chile carried signs with slogans such as "Monsanto kills" and "Monsanto will patent your life." Others dressed up as bees and zombies to illustrate the consequences that the Monsanto Law will have if passed.

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