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If you wave the American flag, you are now racist

Posted: May 6, 2014 |   Comments

( In the latest example of the direction our country has been heading, Americans waving the stars and stripes have now been deemed "racist."

On Monday, Cinco de Mayo, a small group of protestors waved American flags outside of Live Oak High School, which has banned American flags on the Mexican holiday. The controversy began in 2010 when Hispanic students threatened violence against students wearing American flag-themed clothing; rather than address the students threatening violence, the school's administration decided to ban the American flag and sent students who were wearing it home.

The 9th Circuit later upheld this decision, calling the American flag a "symbol of racial animus."

Patriots gathered in front of the school on Monday to celebrate the American flag and protest the suppression of the First Amendment. Social media users reacted predictably.

"What's wrong with these white people holding up American flags in Morgan hill??? Racist a-holes," wrote Gia Lee in a feed monitored by Twitchy.

Davey D wrote: "Shout out to the racist a-- adults, so-called patriots who are posted up at Live Oak HS in Morgan Hill protesting Cinco de Mayo #idiots." Although they weren't protesting Cinco de Mayo, just the fact that American students aren't allowed to display pride in their own country due to violent threats from other students.

Ivan Mora commented: "F--- your American flag. Racist as f---s. I'll always have pride with my Mexican flag but not the American one."

One might wonder why someone with such pride for the Mexican flag but such disdain for America's heritage would want to live in this country at all.

That the protestors were called "racist" is predictable, of course, as the mainstream media routinely label any with whom they disagree or wish to demonize as "racist." Doing so incites racial tensions, manipulating people's emotions and obfuscating important issues, as well as destroying the credibility of those deemed "racist," making them less of a person and less likely to be listened to. The media did it with George Zimmerman when they tried to portray him as a "white" man who killed a young black man. And they are doing it now with Cliven Bundy, whose social commentary using outdated language has been cherry-picked to paint him as a racist.

But calling patriots "racist" for waving the American flag is a new low.

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