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Liberal Law Professor - Prosecutor's behavior in Zimmerman case bordered on criminal conduct

Posted: July 15, 2013 |   Comments "You know, this is a case that should never have been brought in the first place, certainly not as a second degree murder prosecution," Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz told CNN's "State of the Union With Candy Crowley" on Sunday.

Dershowitz said George Zimmerman was put on trial because "there was political pressure on the governor, and he appointed somebody (special prosecutor Angela Corey) who had the worst reputation in Florida for overcharging. And she did exactly what she was supposed to; she overcharged. She charged second-degree murder in a case where there was reasonable doubt written all over it."

Dershowitz said prosecutors are guilty of misconduct, for "willfully and deliberately" withholding evidence, such as photographs showing Zimmerman's head and nose injuries.

On the "Mike Huckabee Show" on Fox News, Dershowitz went even further, saying that Corey's behavior "bordered on criminal conduct."

Despite the prosecutor's unprofessional conduct and the racially charged atmosphere cultivated by the media to surround the trial, Zimmerman received a verdict of not guilty and acquittal of all charges.

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