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FDA admits arsenic in chicken meat, denies safety issue, continues war on alternative medicine and raw milk

Posted: October 7, 2013 |   Comments

( Over the better part of the last 60 years, Americans have been unknowingly eating arsenic, a toxic, carcinogenic chemical.

Arsenic intentionally fed to chickens has been justified by the FDA and the food industry by their unfounded claims that the chickens safely excrete it and that it is safe to consume at low levels. However, the FDA's own research contradicts their previous unscientific claims; it shows that arsenic in chicken feed ends up in the chicken meat. From there, it is eaten by consumers, and then it accumulates in human tissues, increasing people's risk for chronic health problems.

Thankfully, mounting evidence has led to the voluntary recall of Roxarsone, an arsenic chicken feed product produced by Pfizer, despite the FDA continuing to claim that arsenic-contaminated chicken is safe to eat.

This disturbing FDA indifference to dangerous chemicals used in the meat industry completely contradicts their attitude towards safe substances used as alternative treatments. Take for instance their 2011 raid on Wyldewood Cellars, a producer of elderberry juice, which the FDA decided was an "unapproved drug." The FDA has also been engaged in a ruthless war against producers and distributors of nutritional supplements, natural herbal products and healthy raw milk, which humans have drank for millennia.

This comes from a federal agency that also lets beef factories feed their cows chicken feces.

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