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We must take back control of our food, before it's too late

Posted: May 22, 2012 |   Comments

Big ideas are needed to protect the world's food resources, but that's unlikely as long as huge supermarket chains are in charge.

We are living through a delicious disaster. Never has
so much food been offered to us from so many parts of the world, and in
such elaborate combinations. The average supermarket carries over 45,000
different product lines, and yet the provenance of most of these
products are utterly opaque. The government has handed control of the
food chain over to the supermarkets - and with it, any meaningful sense
of the common good.

Take fish. There is a crisis in our oceans - according to the WWF as many as 90% of all large fish
have been fished out - yet there are no gaping holes on supermarket
shelves, or an absence of fish on our menus. Instead, you'd think
nothing was wrong. Likewise, our fruit and veg is often harvested by illegal immigrants living in hideous conditions,
but their stories are absent from the packaging. Instead, we have
pictures of prairies on chicken packets, despite the packaged chickens
having rarely, if ever, come in to contact with grass.

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