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Are ticks being genetically engineered to make people allergic to meat?

Posted: July 27, 2012 |   Comments

It's no secret that there's a global plan to try to get people off of meat. Vegetarians and vegans have been pushing the trend for decades now and in terms of health, it would likely have a positive impact on western populations. However, shouldn't we have the choice? Shouldn't this come from within and be a desire for the love and care of animals rather than some dictatorial control mechanism by the scientific elite? Genetically engineered ticks may be causing severe, life-threatening allergic reactions to meat that may soon start to spread throughout the entire world.

Genetically modified insects have been released into the wild for some time now. Disease-carrying mosquitoes and crop-munching caterpillars have already been designed with "living pesticides" and scientists say their approach works with just about any animal - from fish to frogs and rats to humans.

Oxitec and the Mosquito Research and Control Unit of Grand Cayman (MRCU) publicly announced at a American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene that their release of genetically modified sterile mosquitoes into the wild went live years ago after years of laboratory experiments and hypothetical calculations.

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