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Weed Legal in 2 States?! Feds disappointed as 2 states decriminalize marijuana

Posted: November 20, 2012 |   Comments

In a recent vote, citizens in Washington and Colorado have voted in favor of decriminalizing marijuana. There are many people who use marijuana on a very small scale for recreation and do not pose any harm to society.

Mike Adams reports that though the usage of marijuana is not a healthy practice, this vote exhibits a victory for freedom in a country which is relentless in its effort to suppress freedom in all its senses.

The result of the vote is supposed to enable people to take small amounts of marijuana for recreational purposes without the fear of being convicted. But the federal government is not particularly happy with the matter. According to Natural News, the federal government will bypass the state laws and apply federal laws to arrest those who consume or even possess marijuana. The Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA will stop at nothing to exhibit its power and will crackdown on marijuana users in these two states on a large scale and intensity. Under current circumstances, a conflict between the state and the federal government seems inevitable.


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