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Peru Bans GMO Food, USA Doesn't!

Posted: December 3, 2012 |   Comments

The GMO labeling referendum, Prop. 37, couldn't pass in California this past election - but the country of Peru was able to pass a ban on GMO seeds for the next 10 years in recent weeks.[1] They are now one of many countries stepping up the fight against Genetically Modified Organisms, but will the United States join the bandwagon in stopping the influence of GMO giants as countries like Peru have?

According to, Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar Vidal said the law was approved by President Ollanta Humala, and is aimed at preserving Peru's biodiversity and supporting local farmers.

In a previous article by, "37 Good Reasons to Vote Yes on Prop. 37", it exposed many facts about the risks and dangers that GMO's have.[2] For example, the tumors, infertility and cancer that lab rats and mice formed while only consuming genetically modified corn in independent lab tests.

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