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The Most Health Conscious Cities In America

Posted: December 21, 2012 |   Comments

When it comes to your health, where you live can make a difference. Exercise-friendly parks and healthy eating establishments can create an environment of wellness that make good-for-you habits hard to avoid. Kids who live within walking distance from schools, libraries and supermarkets, for example, are 59% less likely to be obese.

But which cities are the most health conscious? Tracking the 2.5 million appointments made through the online doctor appointment booking service ZocDoc each month, the service ranked cities (and some regions) based on the percentage of total appointments booked by health-minded residents in each city. The report doesn't track whether patients actually kept the appointments, but it's a potentially revealing look at best health intentions across the country. Not surprisingly, January is the most popular month to book a visit to the doctors office - not a bad way to start your New Year's resolutions.

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