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All over the world, normal human emotions are now being termed as mental disorders

Posted: December 21, 2012 |   Comments

A preposterous trend can be observed in modern psychiatry nowadays. There is an
initiative to term each and every human emotion as a disease or disorder.
Normal reflexes like delight, anger, anxiety and sorrow are waiting to be
coined as mental disorders and hence treated accordingly. This is carefully
planned and executed by the big pharmaceuticals who want to capitalize on the
fear, panic and the ignorance of the general public. Natural News reports that
the practitioners of psychiatry have taken every step to turn people into
senseless zombies.

It is reported that within a few months, a new reference about psychiatric
problems is going to be published. DSM-5, as the name of the reference goes,
has already incorporated different emotional situations as mental disorders.
Thus, modern psychiatry is trying hard to term each and every person in the U.S. as psychologically challenged in order to force them to consume certain medicines thus maximizing the profits of big pharmaceutical companies. The situation is so volatile that psychiatrists are actually fabricating diseases and terming normal human behavior as their symptoms. The anarchy is growing out of control and the government does not seem to be moved.

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