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Iguana is becoming Florida's other white meat

Posted: April 10, 2012 |   Comments

Not only may they have harmful ecological impacts, but iguanas are becoming a serious nuisance species in some areas. The Green Iguana Society gets many letters each month from frustrated Florida residents, asking how to remove or repel wild green iguanas from their yards and pools. According to the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UFIFAS) , green iguanas in Florida eat shrubs, trees, landscape plants, orchids, and fruits such as figs, mangos, berries and tomatoes. Ornamental vegetation can be decimated by one large iguana taking up residence in a yard. In addition to destroying landscaping efforts, iguanas also cause problems by digging nesting burrows that can undermine sidewalks, sea wells and foundations. Iguana feces are odiferous, unsightly, and may harbor Salmonella bacteria. Because iguanas often prefer to defecate in or around water, it is not uncommon for an iguana to use a private pool as a defecation area. Large adults may be aggressive towards people and pets if they feel threatened.

There are many thoughts on how to address the invasion. Learn more:

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