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GMO labeling - find out which of your favorite companies are paying millions to stop Proposition 37

Posted: August 17, 2012 |   Comments

While $2.6 million had been raised so far supporting Prop 37, a whopping $23.5 million (for visual purpose: $23,000,000 dollars) has been donated to fighting Prop 37. Biotech giant Monsanto donated $4,208,000 alone. Here is a short list of the top deep-pocket anti-labelers and their respected donations:

Monsanto - $4,208,000
Pepsi Co. - $1,716,300
Coca Cola - $1,164,400
Congara - $1,076,300
Kellogg - $632,500
General Mills - $520,000

It may be surprising for those just getting into the organic lifestyle to see Many companies selling organic products are actually owned by multi-national corporations; companies like Kashi, Cascadian Farm, and Santa Cruz Organic are actually child companies of giants like Kellogg, General Mills, and Smucker - all of which are against GMO labeling.

If you haven't yet, sign the petition for GMO labeling at

While these corporations are dumping millions of dollars to ensure the public doesn't know about GMOs, millions of people are seeing who they truly are. Such publicity will only result in the massive loss of customers and an eventual disintegration of power. These corporations are trying to keep GMOs hidden from the public eye - it is time we stop supporting these companies, and spend our dollars with trusted companies.

Check out the following poster from to find out which companies are on what side - and you may be surprised to see which so-called "eco-friendly" companies have put millions into toward stopping GMO labeling.

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