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The End of Fast Food and the New Reign of Organic Vegetables!

Posted: November 12, 2012 |   Comments

More than 6 of every 10 deaths are from one of the BIG FOUR; heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity (according to W.H.O.). Those 6 of 10 eat the wrong foods and basically kill themselves slowly, but America lives in denial for the most part, and the media wants you to believe you can eat whatever you want, and then just get a shot, a pill, or some chemo and hope for the best.

Let's see, should you eat organic plants, fruits, nuts and seeds and live a healthy life past 100 years, or should you eat fast food, hfcs, aspartame, msg, and get flu shots and toxic vaccines and die from one or more of the BIG FOUR? Maybe you should drink some fluoridated, aluminum laced water your whole life and wonder how you got Alzheimer's (no pun intended).

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