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Health Ranger Special Notice: Ray of hope for cancer patients found in 5 superfoods!

Posted: November 14, 2012 |   Comments

Cancer has become the most dreaded disease in the modern world. Any person who is suffering from cancer loses all hope of survival if modern, expensive treatments fail to deliver the desired results. But there are certain foods that can help resist the growth and spread of cancer in the human body. A recent study by City of Hope Cancer Center near Los Angeles shows that five superfoods namely mushrooms, blueberries, pomegranates, cinnamon and grape seed extracts can fight cancer effectively. These foods can be obtained at any superstore and are available throughout the year.


It has been seen in the study that white button mushrooms work to slow the growth rate of breast cancer tumors. They target a protein enzyme called aromatase that is responsible for triggering breast cancer tumors. Similar activities from white mushrooms have been witnessed in cases of prostate cancer also. So, eating mushrooms can be helpful in preventing cancer cells to grow or spread. Blueberries are reported to play important roles in preventing cancer. Some compounds in the fruit work to shrink the size of the tumors in breast cancer. They prevent breast cancer cells from multiplying and even from surviving.

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