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The Destruction of America: Brought to You By JP Morgan Chase

Posted: November 30, 2012 |   Comments

A JP Morgan Chase ad that was in heavy rotation over the Thanksgiving holiday that is meant to sell the idea that the mega-bank is the backbone of America, when it reality, it is part of an enormous fraud.

Instead, the predatory institution, along with the other 'Too Big to Fail' banks that received bailouts, have used corporate welfare to sellout the nation, ship jobs overseas, reap profits on money lent from the Federal Reserve at zero interest, while saddling huge debts upon the people through the larger derivatives scheme. The failure of the banks to lend to small businesses and ordinary Americans has been blamed for further stalling the economic crisis created by over-leveraging and derivatives on the global market.

JP Morgan Chase is at the heart of Rothschild and Rockefeller monetary interests; no wonder that its CEO Jamie Dimon sits on the New York Federal Reserve board of directors, while wealthy elites like Warren Buffett have called for him to replace Tim Geithner (another Fed insider) at the Treasury Department.

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