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US continues to conduct mysterious nuclear tests in the desert

Posted: December 20, 2012 |   Comments

With little fanfare amongst the American corporate media, the United States has now conducted yet another nuclear test in the deserts of Nevada. The move was condemned by both Iran and two Japanese mayors, who stated that not only was the American test emblematic of the double standard held by America and the international community, but that it also endangered the progression to a nuclear-free world.

As reported by RT, it was announced by the National Nuclear Security Administration on Friday, Dec. 7 that the Nevada National Security Site "had successfully detonated plutonium in a deep shaft on Wednesday (Dec. 5) to test the safety and effectiveness of US nuclear weapons."

The Pollux subcritical experiment involved "a tiny sample" of plutonium bomb material and was carried out by scientists at the Los Alamos, New Mexico national laboratory and the Sandia National Laboratories.

Subcritical nuclear experiments have been conducted inside the United States since 1997 under the justification of helping "scientists understand how plutonium ages in the stockpile." The December 5 experiment, however, marks the twenty-seventh "subcritical experiment" conducted since 1992, when full-scale nuclear weapons tests were supposedly stopped.

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