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Goat grazing used for natural weed control at the Congressional Cemetery

Posted: August 9, 2013 |   Comments

( Goat grazing as a form of weed control has become a growing movement across America. They offer an all natural, poison free way to maintain yards and control weeds. That is why the Association for the Preservation of The Historic Congressional Cemetery partnered with Eco-Goats to bring over 100 goats to the Congressional Cemetery this week to control invasive species that threaten large mature trees, which can fall and damage headstones.

Goats also provide free fertilizer and aerate soil with their hooves. In addition to the eco-friendly benefits of using goats, they are very cost-effective. They require no electricity, gas, chemicals or even food. Just let them go and they sustain themselves while safely doing the work for you.

Goats eat practically everything, including poisonous plants like poison ivy and oak that harm humans but have little to no effect on goats. They also prefer to eat weeds over the grasses that humans favor for yards, this selective eating behavior is a great alternative to pesticide based lawn care.

Communities across the nation, from California to Colorado to Chicago, have discovered that grazing goats is a great option for land that suffers from unwanted plants, low organic matter and soil compaction. Though this is the first time goats have been used in Washington, D.C., perhaps it is a sign that this growing movement is taking hold and hopefully we will see more goats tending lawns in the future.

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