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Chennai, India, begins offering herbal medicine at municipal seat to prevent disease

Posted: September 13, 2013 |   Comments

( On Tuesday, the Chennai Corporation, the civic body that governs the city of Chennai, India, began to offer herbal medicines at its canteen in the Ripon Building, the municipal government's seat.

Dr. Veera Babu, who runs the canteen, says the new menu items will help prevent diseases, including those related to monsoons, "For instance, nilavembu kashayam, which is available in the canteen, is a good medicine for combating dengue fever." The canteen will also offer avaram for diabetes treatment, kollu rasam or horsegram rasam for weight loss and vepampoo rasam for stomach-related illnesses.

The herbal medicines will be offered alongside other traditional south Indian food items. They will also serve varieties of rice with fewer carbohydrates than ordinary rice items. The canteen also sells idli, avarampoo dosa, tail millet idli, mudakathan keerai dosa, thothuvalai dosa, kezhvaragu dosa, manathakkali dosa, herbal tea, soups and juices and ginger buttermilk.

The herbal medicine program at the canteen has been met with positive feedback. Some people have urged the government to introduce herbal medicines in Amma canteens as well. "If we get these herbal medicines and food through each canteen, then the number of monsoon-related diseases could also be prevented" said Lakshmi Raj, a Perambur resident.

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