Rep. Mike Pompeo drafts bill to override state GMO labeling laws

Posted: April 23, 2014

( growing consumer awareness about the multiple issues surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs), more citizens are demanding that GMO foods be properly labeled, and a growing number of states have passed -- or tried to pass but were defeated by Big Food corporations -- legislation that would require such labeling. The majority of Americans want GMO foods to be labeled, but the federal government refuses to take action, which leaves it up to the states to protect their citizens.

A number of politicians and companies, however, oppose the idea of Americans knowing what's in the food they're eating. Representative Mike Pompeo (R-KS) recently drafted the "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act," a bill that is aimed at overriding state legislation requiring GMO food labeling.

"The bill specifically prohibits any mandatory labeling of foods developed using bioengineering," Reuters reported.

Numerous scientific studies have shown links between GMOs and adverse effects on human and animal health. They have also cause environmental damage, the rise of herbicide-resistant superweeds and increases in the amount of toxic glyphosate doused on fields and polluting water through runoff.

GMO labeling advocates say this bill is a sign that food and biotech companies fear growing consumer awareness and distrust of GMOs. "They know that the food movement's power is growing and that labeling is not a matter of if but when," said Colin O'Neil, director of government affairs for the Center for Food Safety. "They are afraid of state action and now they're trying to steal away consumer choice in Congress."

Low vitamin D levels during pregnancy lead to higher risk of tooth decay

Posted: April 22, 2014

( study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Manitoba's dental school in Winnipeg and published in Pediatrics has found that children whose mothers had low vitamin D levels during pregnancy have a higher risk of tooth decay.

As shown in previous studies, vitamin D deficiencies in pregnant mothers can lead to defects in their young children's tooth enamel, which can increase the risk of tooth decay. To determine whether low vitamin D levels during pregnancy also correlates with high cavity rates in toddlers, Dr. Robert J. Schroth and his team of researchers "measured vitamin D levels in the second or early third trimester in 207 pregnant women and then examined the teeth of 135 of their children when they were an average of 16 months old," Reuters Health reported.

The researchers found that there was a direct relationship between low vitamin D levels in pregnant mothers and increased cavity occurrence in their toddlers. A third of the women in the study were vitamin D deficient; 22% of infants developed enamel hyploplasia, and 23 to 36% had cavities, depending on how cases are assessed.

"Prevention efforts should begin during pregnancy by bolstering maternal nutrition, either through improved dietary intake or supplementation with vitamin D," the researchers said, noting that improved nutrition can reduce the risk of childhood tooth decay.

William B. Grant from the Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center in San Francisco, California, told Reuters Health, "All pregnant and nursing women need to take 4000-5000 (International Units per day) vitamin D3. There are many benefits for pregnancy outcomes including reduced risk of gestational diabetes, respiratory and other infections, premature delivery, pre-eclampsia, adverse effects on the fetus such as birth defects including very possibly autism."

Besides nutritional supplements, there are other ways to maintain a healthy level of vitamin D, including soaking up the sun and eating foods like wild salmon, ahi tuna, mushrooms and eggs. One should also avoid sugar to prevent cavities. Reducing sugar and carbohydrate intake can also reduce one's need for vitamin D.

GMO crops fail to improve yields, increase herbicide resistance in weeds

Posted: April 21, 2014

( new report from the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows not only that GMOs have failed to increase yields but that, "in fact, the yields of herbicide-tolerant or insect-resistant seeds may be occasionally lower than the yields of conventional varieties."

According to the report, several researchers found that there were "no significant differences" between the net returns of GMO farmers and those of non-GMO farmers. Furthermore, the report also found that an increasing amount of herbicide is being sprayed on GMO corn. GMO corn varieties have been engineered to be resistant to glyphosate, which can thus be sprayed on crops en masse to control weeds. This has led to greater herbicide resistance in weeds, which further contributes to the expanding use of these chemicals.

Conventional 'yogurt' is fake and unhealthy; choose organic instead!

Posted: April 18, 2014

( yogurt, made from organic milk and rich in calcium, protein, beneficial fats, nutrients and probiotics, is one of nature's notable tasty health foods. Conventional yogurt on the other hand, produced with CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) cow milk, high doses of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives, and carrageenan, is less healthy but more widely sold by corporations like General Mills (Yoplait), Groupe Danone (Dannon), PepsiCo and Wal-Mart.

Many of these conventional yogurt brands display a "Live and Active Cultures" seal, supposedly noting the presence of healthy probiotics. However, testing by The Cornucopia Institute revealed that many organic yogurt brands, which do not carry that seal, "actually contained higher levels of probiotics than conventional yogurt with the seal."

Furthermore, many conventional yogurt brands shouldn't even be called "yogurt," according to the FDA's "standard of identity," which does not include the addition of artificial sweeteners, preservatives or nutrients other than vitamins A and D.

While the legality of these "yogurt" products is in question, a more important issue is what their health impacts may be. The Cornucopia Institute wrote that "research has linked the artificial sweetener aspartame to brain tumors and neurological disease in laboratory animals. Carrageenan, a food thickener, has been shown to promote colon tumors and cause inflammation and digestive disease in laboratory animals. Artificial colors have been linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. These ingredients and others commonly found in yogurt have no place in a food marketed as healthy."

Consumers should beware marketing scams by the food industry claiming their products as "healthy." Instead, be sure to look for the USDA Organic seal on yogurt and other foods to help avoid unsafe chemicals and improve health.

Psychiatry's secret involvement in military suicides exposed by documentary film

Posted: April 17, 2014

( number of suicides among U.S. military members has been rising at an alarming rate.

According to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, "In early 2013, the official website of the United States Department of Defense announced the startling statistic that the number of military suicides in 2012 had far exceeded the total of those killed in battle - an average of nearly one a day. A month later came an even more sobering statistic from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: veteran suicide was running at 22 a day - about 8000 a year."

The U.S. Secretary of Defense has recognized this surge in suicides as an "epidemic." Some claim that combat-related stress is the main culprit, but 85 percent of military members who commit suicide have not seen combat, and 52 percent have never been deployed.

Prescription rates for psychiatric drugs have soared as well, correlating with military suicides. These drugs often have side effects which include increased aggression and suicidal thoughts, which "are reflected in similar uptrends in the rates of military domestic violence, child abuse and sex crimes, as well as self-harm."

The new documentary The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry's Covert Agenda examines the link between psychiatric drugs and the mental and emotional health of military members, and it exposes the secret collusion between the military and psychiatrists, as they seek to force themselves, and their dangerous, for-profit medication, into all facets of American life. Watch the video above to learn more.

SSRIs linked to school shootings, mass murders

Posted: April 17, 2014

From YouTube description: SSRI stands for Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor, and it is a class of drugs that is often used to treat depression and anxiety. It includes Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Paxil and a host of other commonly prescribed antidepressants. And the perpetrators of a raft of school shootings, mass murders and other violent incidents in recent years have been taking them.

Chinese could be planning EMP attack on America with Harry Reid's help

Posted: April 16, 2014

( has been furiously trying to convert as much of its electricity to solar power, which has cut into the profits of Arizona Public Service, a major energy provider. Much of the money for this conversion process has come from a surprising source: the Chinese.

Why would the Chinese want to invest in American solar power? Perhaps Senator Harry Reid would know, considering his long history of facilitating Chinese energy deals at the expense of the American taxpayer. The latest example of this is the standoff that recently took place at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada between private citizens and heavily armed federal agents attempting to steal cattle and land to make room for a Chinese solar power plant.

And our federal government is giving these favors to a country that openly declared their intent to launch a first strike on America.

"Seen from the changes in the World situation and the United States' hegemonic strategy for creating monopolarity, war is inevitable. We cannot avoid it. The issue is that the Chinese armed forces must control the initiative in this war," said Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian in January 2000, as quoted by Dave Hodges for Intellihub. Initiative is a military term which means "first strike."

It is already well known how vulnerable America's power grid is; it would only take a single high-altitude EMP blast to shut off electricity to the entire country. If the Chinese build their facilities to be EMP-resistant, then an EMP attack would leave them in charge of producing America's power, essentially allowing them to control the country.

With our corrupt politicians giving land to the Chinese to develop power plants, and with our aging, defenseless electric grid, it is imperative that we monitor and regulate Chinese developments, as well as improve our own grid, in order to prepare for a coming EMP attack.

What you can learn by reading Natural News

Posted: April 16, 2014

( News has covered a lot of health and freedom information over this past winter. Frequent readers of Natural News have learned:

  • that most prepared food bars have salads chalk full of canola oil, and that even organic canola oil isn't good for you
  • about heavy metal toxins in cereals and certain health shakes like protein shakes
  • that organic foods from China might as well be from the sewers of New York City, with all the industrial waste and chemical pollution that invades those foods and products in general
  • about how nearly all edible oils create disease and disorder in the body, except for coconut oil and organic olive oil
  • that Monsanto will do anything to have total immunity from lawsuits that arise from their pesticide food they feed the masses
  • that Monsanto has grown because Obama puts their leaders in charge of the FDA, USDA, CDC and more

This spring, we also covered the standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada between private citizens and federal agents armed with assault rifles, sniper rifles, helicopters, attack dogs and Tasers, which they used to assault innocent bystanders. The feds even set up a "First Amendment area" -- three miles from the protest site -- to restrict citizens from exercising free speech, though it was ignored anyway. The Mainstream Media failed to cover this story, obscuring facts or ignoring it altogether. But thanks to legally armed concerned citizens, alternative media and social media, news got out about the situation, and the government ended up backing off.

Natural News has covered all this and more, serving to disseminate information about health, organic agriculture and liberty to America and the world. Thousands of articles, scientific studies and more on these topics are available to anyone seeking to educate themself on natural health and news.

TED Talks are worthless, Benjamin Bratton explains in TED Talk

Posted: April 16, 2014

Benjamin Bratton, an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego, recently gave a TED Talk explaining how TED Talks are worthless. In his speech, Bratton covers the issues of TED Talks and how they are little more than ineffective placebos and simplified infotainment for the public that promotes exciting new ideas while stifling real progress and innovation.

USA Today spreads vaccine industry propaganda, says parents shouldn't have right to opt out

Posted: April 16, 2014

( Editorial Board at USA Today recently ran an opinion piece in which they praised the vaccine industry and espoused Big Pharma propaganda and myths to convince Americans to be vaccinated.

The USA Today article claimed that measles is making a comeback thanks to "a growing anti-vaccine movement and misinformation that is spreading like a contagious disease." This fraudulent claim is made despite the fact that most children who catch the disease have already been vaccinated for it. Furthermore, the MMR vaccine for measles was actually designed to fail, which is evidenced by the fact that Merck Co. faked its vaccine test results to fabricate a "95% efficacy rate."

USA Today also promotes the unscientific "herd immunity" theory. According to this theory, if enough of the population is vaccinated, then immunity is somehow achieved for everyone. The problem with this theory is that vaccines only affect those who receive them. They cause a reaction in the body which may produce antibodies that can help prevent or mitigate the disease, thus building temporary "immunity." However, those who don't receive vaccines usually develop these antibodies, and immunity, naturally and permanently. In many cases, vaccines destroy the immune system, making it easier for the body to succumb to disease and disorder. Vaccinated individuals also serve as carriers of disease, spreading it to the rest of the population and putting those who haven't developed immunity yet at risk.

"Herd immunity" has never been scientifically validated, nor has the efficacy of vaccines to prevent disease. Yet, some actually believe that unvaccinated children put vaccinated ones at risk of catching disease, and that vaccines only work when a certain amount of the population has received them.

Furthermore, vaccines have been linked to a number of health issues, including developmental problems, autism, gastrointestinal issues and brain inflammation.

USA Today claims that parents "ought to be able to opt out for strictly defined medical or religious reasons" but not for "personal opinions." They then conclude, "Everyone enjoys the life-saving benefits vaccines provide, but they'll exist only as long as everyone shares in the risks." On the contrary, vaccines only "benefit" those who receive them, and parents should have the right to decide whether to subject their children to a cocktail of chemicals, heavy metals and biological tissue, which could cause permanent, life-damaging harm. To suggest otherwise, while ignoring the hazards of vaccines and promoting their manufacturers' non-scientific theories on immunity, is misleading and immoral.

Siege of Bundy Ranch reaches all the way to the White House

Posted: April 13, 2014

http://www.independentsentinel.comIn the end, there is only one reason why the Bundy ranch was besieged. President Obama had to have taken the lead. He knew it was going on and he sanctioned it. Beyond oil, solar, and Chinese Communists with money, lurks Obama's Agenda.

InfoWars has found a smoking gun in the case of embattled rancher Cliven Bundy. A lucrative contract - which will benefit Harry Reid and his son Rory Reid - specifically mentions the need to rid the land of Cliven Bundy. In addition, Natural News pointed out that the BLM is in the business of selling lucrative oil and gas leases. It does answer the question, Why now?

There is a much bigger picture in all of this, however, and that is the fact Mr. Obama believes the government should control the land and water in the United States. He sees the government as the protector of the nation's resources. It is his belief. He does not respect private property - it is the government's to take. That should now be obvious to everyone.

Continue reading at

Even Huffington Post now admits victims of Obamacare are real

Posted: April 11, 2014

http://www.breitbart.comObamacare is leaving Americans high and dry, facing huge out-of-pocket expenses for urgent medical procedures.

Militia members arrive at Bundy ranch in Nevada for showdown with government

Posted: April 10, 2014

Is this headed for a shooting war between the feds and armed Americans?

Vaccination myths destroyed on national radio by Robert Scott Bell

Posted: April 10, 2014

An amazing interview on the Jerry Doyle show, where Robert Scott Bell destroys the myths about vaccinations.

Federal government invades rancher's family land, steals cattle, imposes undeclared martial law

Posted: April 9, 2014

In the state of Nevada, Cliven Bundy and his family are currently caught in a fight over land with the Federal government. This is over his long-standing refusal to acknowledge a 1993 modification to grazing rights on the land that his family has been working since the 1800s.

Hundreds of federal officials invaded the land on Saturday, bringing in helicopters, low-flying aircraft and hired cowboys to round up and steal Bundy's cattle from the land, at a cost of $3 million to taxpayers. Federal agents at the site are armed with assault rifles and sidearms, and they have sniper rifles trained on cameramen and protestors. Federal agents have closed off public and private land owned by the State of New Mexico and the Bundy's, essentially enforcing undeclared martial law. One Bundy member family who violated this martial law was tackled by about 20 people and then taken to prison. Federal agents did set up a "First Amendment Area" for people to exercise free speech, which was completely ignored by everyone there, since free speech is a right not restricted to specific areas.

Government agents have claimed that their reason for trespassing Bundy's ranch is to protect the desert tortoise, which is classified as a "vulnerable species," despite the fact that the federal government is planning on killing at least 700 of them by the end of 2014.

Pete Santilli, a former U.S. marine, who reported from the scene for NextNewsNetwork, said that it is entirely likely that the federal government is merely using the desert tortoise as a pretext to clear the land for later corporate interests. He also compared the situation to incidents in the 1990s such as the Ruby Ridge standoff and the Waco siege; during the latter of which, federal agents set fire to the Branch Dravidian compound, killing innocent civilians, women and children.

The worst thing about the Bundy ranch situation is the complete lack of support from the state and the local sheriff, who has legal authority to order the BLM to leave. The Bundys have received a notable amount of support from peaceful militia members; however, they are still outnumbered and outgunned by the BLM, so more help and support is desperately needed.

The patent system must be fixed to stop patent trolls and promote innovation

Posted: April 9, 2014

( United States Constitution gives Congress authority to create patents and copyrights, but only for the specific purpose of promoting "the sciences and useful arts." The purpose of patents is to incentivize innovation and content creation, by ensuring that inventors have an exclusive right to use their developments for a set amount of time. However, when the patent system is ill-managed, as it has been in recent years, it can stifle innovation and content creation.

James Madison warned Americans over 200 years ago that copyrights and patents must be "guarded with strictness against abuse," because they are so easy to abuse. The type of abuse that Madison warned us about then is now becoming increasingly prevalent. The most notable abusers of the patent system in recent years have been called "patent trolls." Patent trolls are people or companies that obtain an obvious or frivolous patent for a technology that they often don't even use; instead, they go after those that actually do use the technology, in some way or another, to contribute to society, extorting them for money with threats of costly litigation. Advocates for businesses and American innovation have brought much attention to patent trolls recently, but in order to solve the problem, the patent system itself must be fixed.

The Federal Trade Commission released a report in 2003 which stated:

Poor patent quality and legal standards and procedures that inadvertently may have anticompetitive effects can cause unwarranted market power and can unjustifiably increase costs. Such effects can hamper competition that otherwise would stimulate innovation.

Patent trolls now cost the economy more than $29 billion per year, according to Derek Khanna. He reported at that "instead of seriously solving the holistic problem of junk patents, Washington is avoiding going after the big players that have large patent portfolios for non-inventions. While big companies with large patent portfolios are increasingly coming around to supporting the idea of dealing with patent trolls, not surprisingly, they thus far have opposed legislation to solve the bigger problem that helps enable patent trolls."

We should now heed Madison's warning and pressure legislators to fix our nation's patent laws. Khanna concludes, "We need a system that compensates content holders and inventors, and clearly defines the rules of the roads, but does so for the constitutionally-enumerated purpose of spurring innovation and content creation, not at the costs of inhibiting them."

Chili's cancels autism benefit amid criticism from pro-vaccine sheeple

Posted: April 8, 2014

Does Chili's hate kids? Probably not, but maybe, considering their recent double cross of the National Autism Association (NAA). Chili's had previously announced a "Give Back Event" to help support children with autism and families affected by the disease by donating 10 percent of their earnings on April 7 to the association.

Many people are becoming aware that infants should not be injected with cocktails of chemicals and organic matter to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (hepatitis B) and other overblown concerns, and that doing so can cause inflammation, disrupt the immune system and has been associated with autism. Despite scientific evidence supporting this, there are many who still buy into the government-industry pro-vaccine propaganda which falsely promotes them as completely safe and necessary. The NAA, an organization that seeks to help autistic children and their families, also provides information about the disease on their website, including its link to vaccines. That is why, when Chili's announced that it would be supporting autism awareness through the NAA, comments came pouring in from misinformed skeptics and sheeple, demanding that the event be canceled.

Afraid of losing a substantial amount of customers and damaging its reputation, Chili's caved in to the Medical Mafia pressure and canceled its event altogether. So now, thanks to pro-vaccine shills, scientific information continues to be suppressed and autistic children have lost out on much needed support.

Chili's released a statement about the canceled event:

While we remain committed to supporting the children and families affected by autism, based on the feedback we heard from our guests, we are canceling Monday's Give Back Event.

We believe autism awareness continues to be an important cause to our guests and team members, and we will find another way to support this worthy effort in the future with again our sole intention being to help families affected by autism.

While it's great that they say they will still find a way to help families affected by autism, they should have stuck with their original choice. The facts may not be settled on the vaccine-autism link, but denying the evidence hampers science and exacerbates the problem, possibly causing more harm to children, which is what Chili's has done by cancelling the Give Back Event.

Google censors WorldNetDaily for honestly reporting 'Knockout Game'

Posted: April 7, 2014

( has recently decided to cancel WorldNetDaily's (WND) Adsense account after the conservative-leaning news site published an honest report on mobs of teenagers roaming streets and taking part in the so-called "Knockout Game." According to Google, reports on the subject violated the company's negative/hate speech policy with multiple references to "black mobs." The problem with this "hate speech" violation, though, is that it was not actual hate speech but fearless reporting on a social issue being experienced more prevalently in a particular demographic.

Joseph Farah, the Editor-in-Chief of WND, learned about their account's cancelation through an email from Google, which said that it was due to "a policy violation email this morning regarding negative/hate speech particularly with the repeated references to 'black mobs,' although I don't know that this is specifically what it's limited to." The email went on to state, "The reviewers cited a number articles [sic] with usage of this term specifically and in general asks that no ad code is placed on articles containing hate/anti or sensitive content as this is against Adsense policies and does not provide a good experience for users and advertisers."

The Knockout Game, as many should remember, was where mobs of teenagers wandered city streets, looking for defenseless victims, mostly white and Jewish people, to attempt to knock out with one punch to the back of the head. Elderly persons were also often the victims, and deaths from such incidents have been reported. The controversy on reporting these hateful, deadly attacks comes from the fact that most of the attackers have been black. Logically then, in this specific case, mobs of teenagers who are black would technically be black mobs, simply because they happen to be black. Mentioning that is no more racist than reporting that victims have frequently been white or Jewish. It is simply a fact in the incident determined by its very perpetrators.

Despite this, it's not really surprising to see Google attempt to censor such viewpoints, as noted by Ben Shapiro for Breitbart News: "Google has long been a leftist company. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of the company, is a heavy supporter of President Obama financially, helping him with campaign advice in 2008 and 2012; Obama reportedly considered him repeatedly for slots within his administration before Schmidt was picked as Obama's transition advisory board, as well as for a position on the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, or PCAST. Obama's campaign manager, Jim Messina, received personal training from Schmidt. So did Obama for America Chief Technology Officer Harper Reed and Engineer Mark Trammell."

Google's famous doodles are usually political as well; while they specifically avoid honoring national Christian holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, they do make sure to recognize progressive icons like Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Robinson and Cesar Chavez (who do deserve their fair amount of recognition). Google was also once in favor of net neutrality, a policy that would have the government require "non-discrimination" with regard to bandwidth use for internet service providers; however, the company became an opponent of net neutrality after entering the broadband business with its GoogleFiber.

"Google is a private company," Shapiro concludes. "It has the capacity to utilize its massive power for whatever political agenda it chooses. But for it to pretend to be an advocate for internet freedom while simultaneously disadvantaging messages it finds politically incorrect is deeply hypocritical."

Kevin Sorbo endorses Gosnell documentary about abortion doctor, America's biggest serial killer ignored by media

Posted: April 4, 2014

Kevin and Sam Sorbo are giving support to a new documentary which was banned from Kickstarter but is now receiving crowdfunding donations via Indiegogo. The documentary will cover the crimes and practices of America's most prolific serial killer, Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortion doctor who was convicted of multiple murders and 21 illegal abortions. Court testimony revealed that Gosnell would kill live babies after botched abortions by stabbing a pair of scissors into their necks, and he would also cut off infants' feet to be kept in jars in his office.

The film is being produced by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, who previously worked on the documentary FrackNation. They originally planned to raise funds for their project through Kickstarter, but after that site decided to censor them, they turned to Indiegogo instead. American culture can often seem obsessed with serial killers, for example, there "have been four movies about Ted Bundy, five about the Zodiac killer, three about John Wayne Gacy, and the Lifetime network has already made and broadcast a film about Jodie Arias - who killed one person," McAleer said. It's odd, then, that the mainstream media has been so reluctant to cover this story, the most probable reason being their immense left-wing bias, which includes support for abortions.

And it is that bias and lack of coverage that has made the Gosnell documentary necessary. Kevin Sorbo and his wife, Sam, recognize this necessity, declaring their support and calling for others to do the same in an emotional video which you can view above.

As reported by Breitbart News:

"If the media won't do their job, then we can do it ourselves. We can, and we must," Kevin Sorbo says. "Many people knew what was going on and did nothing. It's almost impossible to believe, but it's true. We have the trial transcripts and grand jury testimony to prove it."

The couple then read some of said testimony:

"Over the years there were hundreds of snippings. Sometimes if Gosnell was unavailable the snipping was done by one of his fake doctors or even by one of the administrative staff ... everyone there acted as if it weren't murder at all," Sam Sorbo said with an emotional catch in her voice.

"We pray that the thousands of babies slaughtered are not forgotten," Kevin Sorbo says.

"We need to confront and expose this story," Sam Sorbo says.

If you would like to lend your support to the Gosnell documentary campaign, click here to make a donation.

Scientists announce boycott against Komen Foundation, American Cancer Society for denying link between bras and breast cancer

Posted: April 4, 2014

( fewer than five research studies have shown that wearing constrictive bras for long periods of time contributes to breast cancer, an association that is acknowledged by many healthcare providers, including medical doctors and oncologists. Even some lingerie manufacturers have responded to this fact by developing new bras designed to minimize lymphatic constriction, thus minimizing the cancer risk. But not everyone has been as accepting of such research.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, two organizations that at least seem to care about cancer patients, are denying the bra-cancer link. What many people don't realize about these organizations is that they don't care about preventing cancer; instead, they are obsessed with raising funds for cancer "research" and the ever-elusive "cure." In a flat-out denial of scientific evidence, the ACS and Komen Foundation consider the link between breast cancer and bras to be absurd and not worth taking seriously.

Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, a married couple of medical anthropologists, led research on bra wearing habits of U.S. women with and without breast cancer which showed "that the tighter and longer a bra is worn the higher the [breast cancer] incidence rose, up to 100 times greater for 24/7 bra wearers," Singer wrote in a recent article.

She continued, writing that when her and her husband "first notified cancer organizations about their discovery, they were completely ignored or ridiculed. Now, 20 years later, the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation still ridicule the information out of hand, and try to explain away the link as a ridiculous 'myth.'"

Over the past 20 years that these two organizations have stonewalled this important information, 2,000,000 women just in the U.S. were diagnosed with breast cancer, which might have been prevented simply by loosening their bra or wearing it for a shorter time each day. Even if the link weren't conclusive, it is unethical to ignore it, as it pertains to such a life-threatening condition and should at least undergo further scientific evaluation.

So why is it that the ACS and the Komen Foundation are continuing to downplay these important findings? Maybe it's because of the donations they receive from lingerie companies, or their reluctance to challenge the cultural norm of wearing a bra, or the perhaps fact that, if people focused on breast cancer prevention rather than treatment and detection, these organizations would lose their importance and hence much of their funding.

This is speculation, of course, but why else would these two organizations, whose ostensible purpose is to help cancer patients, attempt to restrict information that could save lives? Whatever the reason, it is unscientific and immoral, and to protest their cover-up of the bra-cancer link, Singer and other scientists are calling for a boycott against the Komen Foundation and the ACS.

"Singer and Grismaijer suggest that whenever the ACS or Komen Foundation ask for a donation, send them your bra, instead! This will give them the message, and help you prevent breast cancer at the same time."

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