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Ridiculous Study: Meth Can Help Fight The Flu

Posted: November 13, 2012 |   Comments

LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) - There might be a reason why no one on "Breaking Bad" gets the flu. Recent experiments with the drug methamphetamine shows that the drug acts as an inhibitor to the influenza virus.

Scientists in Taiwan were curious on how meth interacts with the influenza virus.

Using tissue samples of lung cells the scientists exposed them to different amounts of meth, and the results were surprising. Scientists found that the meth-exposed tissue samples had a reduction of the influenza virus.

The virus that was used was the H1N1 flu, or what is commonly known as "swine flu."

Although the results could lead to new flu treatments it's not good to self-medicate. Meth still reduces the effectiveness of the immune system and previous studies found that meth reduces the body's ability to fight off diseases, such as HIV

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