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Japan reinstates fishing ban as scientists test marine life for effects from Fukushima leak

Posted: August 26, 2013 |   Comments

( Japan has once again banned fishing off its coast in the wake of hundreds of tons of irradiated water leaks.

Test catches have shown that some species, especially bottom-feeders, have already been affected by the contamination, though scientists say it is too early to tell how marine life will be affected.

As reported by Mark Willacy for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, many fishermen feel like Tokyo Electric Power Co. has lied to them for months and the situation just keeps getting worse. "[T]here's a feeling that TEPCO just cannot be trusted and that these fisherm[e]n probably don't really feel like they have a future anymore," he said.

Willacy reported that Japanese fishermen were planning to start commercially catching fish again next month. With the ban now in place, they are unable to do that and feel like their future and their industry are hopeless.

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