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Watch: Robert Scott Bell reveals 100-year-old Obamacare medical monopoly scheme during interview

Posted: November 27, 2013 |   Comments

News radio host Robert Scott Bell recently appeared in an interview with Gary Franchi of Next News Network. In the interview, the two discuss the current state of the American healthcare system, Obamacare, the free market and the impending, necessary rise of homeopathic medicine. Of Obamacare, Bell reveals that it is part of a 100-year-old scheme to monopolize healthcare.

Upon being introduced by Franchi, Bell says, "This goes so far back. Obamacare, as it's named, is preceded by a hundred now a hundred and two years of preparation time to lead to this disaster."

Franchi then asks Bell why he thinks "that the President would roll out such a massive program but have an inferior web infrastructure."

Bell: "Well if you give him any credit, you'd say that it was designed to fail from the beginning. That this was never intended to be a successful program, because what they'd really like to roll out is something that would follow it, and I've argued this, and I predicted this for many years."

He goes on to explain how, if you make real healing illegal, people will eventually become so disconnected from real healing that they will continue to demand government intervention, despite the fact that our disastrous state of healthcare is a result of that very government's intervention.

"So it's not something that happened overnight. It isn't even only Obama," Bell says. "Things that preceded Obama really set the stage for what we're seeing."

"[W]e have to go back a hundred-plus years to the Flexner Report of 1910," he continues. "Abraham Flexner was given a task and it ended up being a preordained report to assess the medical education training of his day in the early part of the 20th century." Basically, the purpose of the report was to say which medical schools would be legitimized and which would not. The legitimized schools received funding from federal and private groups including Carnegie and Rockefeller, as long as they "adopted a petrochemical patent medicine type paradigm." Meanwhile, schools that taught homeopathic medicine and other forms of natural healing had their financial support taken away. Smear campaigns were also employed to discredit alternative forms of medicine and convince the public that the only "real" doctors were those sanctioned by the government.

Bell then explains how the idea of licensure was strengthened throughout the 20th century so that doctors are now limited not only in what they are taught in medical school but also in what they are allowed to practice and how they treat their patients. Additionally, all the medical school closures and regulations severely limited the number of doctors and caused an increase in prices. Furthermore, this caused medical school expenses to increase to such exorbitant heights that, by the time a doctor graduates, they are basically a slave to their debt, which can be as much as half-a-million dollars, and sometimes more, so they then must comply with licensure boards and do whatever it takes to pay back that debt. This compromises doctors' integrity and prevents many from actually being good doctors, so as we are currently seeing, many of them leave the profession in frustration, which is further compounding the Obamacare situation.

Bell then gives detail of how the Obama administration is aware of this insidious scheme: "Obama actually wrote a letter to his constituents, to his supporters, about how great it was that, and this was in 2010, that Obamacare happened... and it took a hundred years. 'We've been working a hundred years.' That's a hundred years to the year. Why would that be in a letter from Obama? I don't know that Obama actually knew it, but somebody writing that for him did. So what I'm saying is not speculation, it's [actual] and it was done by design. We've got to collapse the medical system so that we can completely take it over and eliminate any private free market, which again in the 20th century was declining over the decades for a long time. So now we convince the majority of people in America that free market medicine doesn't work. And it does, it's just that we haven't had in a hundred years maybe."

Watch the video for yourself to learn about all the details revealed in this interview. Be sure to listen to the Robert Scott Bell show, which can be accessed here and here, for important natural health news. Next News Network's WHDT World News program airs daily at 6pm and 11pm Eastern on Comcast, DirecTV and Over-the-Air and Online at

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